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See more ideas about books, azrael dc comics and recommended books to read. Michael lanes most popular book is mad monks on the road. The new azrael is the third ghost of batman to undergo doctor hurts experiments, an excop named michael washington lane. Sword of azrael miniseries october, 1992january, 1993. In 2009, michael washington lane was introduced as the new azrael in azrael. The superhero database classification number, or shdb class, is a number that represents the overall power of a character. Years ago, michael lane was part of a program to create the ultimate crime fighter. His role is primarily to help people cross over to heaven at the time of physical death. Through his travels to oa, central city, arkham asylum, the fortres maxwell and lily find themselves in gotham city, in an alternate universe.

All traits of a character are used for calculating the classification. This doesnt mean that a higher class would always beat a lower class character. Azrael comics project gutenberg selfpublishing ebooks. Bruce is finally able to defeat azrael by forcing him to remove his mask.

Then he got his own series, starting in december, 2009, and ending in may 2011 after 18 issues. The first tales of azrael are collected in stores from his solo series. Battle for the cowl, michael lane searches for redemption as the new azrael, but will. Two men have previously used the name, jeanpaul valley and michael lane, lane is the current azrael, valley is deceased. Michael lane was introduced as azrael as part of the battle for the cowl, a storyline told in a threeissue. This azrael wears an amalgamation of jeanpaul valleys and michael lane s azrael armors as he has the latters crusaderesque look and the formers wristmounted flaming blade. Characters in this series include the new batgirl, stephanie brown. The order of purity would later take him in as their agent azrael, a deadly. Azrael commission by philcho on deviantart batman photos serie 28 picture of batman. Michael lane was introduced as a character called azrael, introduced as part of the. Teachings hardcover june 25, 2011 by great white brotherhood author, azrael author 4. He is also known as azrail, ashriel, azriel, azaril and the angel of death. Whenever a person is born, azrael writes down his name in a huge book in the heaven. Like the bane ghost, his face is completely hidden by his mask.

Michael lane, also known as azrael, was a policeman turned into a mentally unstable criminal after a failed experiment to make him the ultimate crime fighter. As azrael, he is a member of a group of assassin created by the order of st. Valley was primarily featured between 1992 and 2003, while lane was the star of a comics series which ran from 2009 to 2011. Azrael is a member of a group of assassins who were created by. Angel in the dark is an azrael storyline written by fabian nicieza and illustrated by ramon bachs. Michael lane is a vigilante trained as part of a secret gcpd program to create a potential. The character first appeared in the series batman, as jeanpaul valley, in 1992. Michael bane books list of books by author michael bane. This experiment drove its participants insane and they eventually became the three ghosts of batman, with lane becoming the villainous batdevil.

This batman arkham knight gameplay walkthrough will. Both the jeanpaul valley and michael lane versions of azrael, as well as the jeanpaul incarnation of batman are playable characters in scribblenauts unmasked. The final years of michael jackson by ian halperin. His siblings marion and gwendolyn were killed by a cult in an unsolved murder. Ian halperin is a canadian investigative journalist and writer whose 2009 book, unmasked. Michael lane is a vigilante trained as part of a secret gcpd program to create a potential replacement for batman. Archangel michael s view about the world occult history, the messiah, lucifer, secret societies, magic, the cosmic man, aliens, eclipses.

Azrael is the alias of multiple fictional characters appearing in comic books published by in the. Writer david hine was allowed to finish out azrael s story via a bat family crossover that ran through batman, red robin and gotham city sirens. Dec 14, 2010 the ongoing azrael series is a little bit like a dimwitted 2nd cousin. See all books authored by michael bane, including living proof. They recruited michael to fight evil as their azrael, who wore the mystical suit of sorrows and wielded the sword of sin. Michael lane has all the strength and speed of the hundreds who wore the suit. Azrael vs azrael michael lane vs jeanpaul valley battles. Even though jpv is a bamf and has way more feats, lane is just insanely powerfull and i dont think jpv can hurt lane. But over ten thousand years, even the most staunchly loyal warriors of the imperium can fall from grace, and the dark angels guard their own murky secrets most carefully only supreme grand master azrael knows them all. Hardcover, michael r lane, 1997 founded in 1997, has become a leading book price comparison site. Out at book retailers who carry comics and graphic novelstrades and comic shops today azrael vol.

Archangel azrael the archangels spiritual experience. Jeanpaul valley, batman, michael lane first appearance. As a boy he grew up a devout believer in the teachings of the roman catholic church. Cbr spoke nicieza about azrael and the man in the suit, michael washington lane. Azrael is a fictional character in the dc comics universe. The michael lane incarnation of azrael is a supporting character in the batman arkham series where he is voiced by khary payton.

Chante cole lane wife deceased, henry mitchell lane son deceased, marion martinbrother deceased, gwendolyn elizasister deceased, unnamed mother. His character profile states he is the michael lane incarnation. The series was originally written by fabian nicieza and illustrated by ramon bachs, following niciezas earlier work on the lane character with deaths dark knight and the eighth deadly sin. Commissioner gordon is then heard giving a voice over. Lane and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Deaths dark knight was produced as a tiein to the battle for the cowl crossover event, with a later regular series. The black girl sorry i dont remember the names gotham academy, might as well 53. Dumas targets batman, azrael begins to question his life. The reason azrael was created was to introduce a replacement for batman during the knightfall arc. Here is a signed autographed original comic book art page of. After the 2010 young allies revival was cancelled, the teams story was finished up in the onslaught unleashed miniseries. His armor could take on tank firepower without breaking a sweat, has swords, which easily took down dick grayson, and has all the skills of those who previously wore the suit of sorrows, which are in the 100s.

Dumas, a former faction of the knights templar, are a religious sect formed during the crusades. The ongoing azrael series is a little bit like a dimwitted 2nd cousin. Michael lane is a crusader forever linked to batmans destiny. It starred michael lane, formerly the batdevil from three ghosts of batman. Bruce waynebatman, tim drakerobin, dick graysonnightwing, alfred penny.

He gained a football scholarship to gotham university as a linebacker, but lost it his sophomore year after beating his coach unconscious. Dumas to bring justice in gotham city, and is usually depicted as a. A murder weapon that could shatter michael lane s life. Jeanpaul valley azrael, michael lane azrael and azrael batman are all playable characters in scribblenauts unmasked. One of the biggest titles of the year, white knight by sean gordonmurphy, was discussed to have a sequel this past weekend at the dc panel at c2e2.

Oct 20, 2011 batman arkham knight azrael most wanted mission heir to the cowl kill batman option 1080p duration. The order had a fallingout with the templars and left before the templars were suppressed. For more information on the characters that have been azrael, click here. No big info was given except for a tease of one character azrael. The first character to assume the identity of azrael was jeanpaul valley, debuting in batman. This book reprints all 4 issues of jpvs first appearance in the 4issue miniseries batman. Michael washington lane, currently azrael had a troubled life.

Thwarted by batman, michael confessed his sins to a priest of the religious sect, the order of st. After a runin with dick grayson, lane is given permission to continue operating as azrael. A new azrael showed up in a threeissue battle for the cowl miniseries titled battle for the cowl. Michael lane is an expolice officer that was recruited to take part in a secret program to train a. The dcus azrael first debuted with the 4issue batman. Archangel azrael we are one world healing therapeutic reiki.

Azrael is a codename used in dc comics by the secret society, the order of saint dumas it itself a splinter group of the knights templar, popularised by the assassins creed games. The michael lane azrael series was cancelled before the story could be resolved. Realizing all the bad he has done, he went to a church to confess his sins, however he was instead recruited and brainwashed by a secret organization named as the order of st. Books by michael lane author of mad monks on the road. Judgment on gotham is a batman crossover event written by david hine, fabian nicieza and peter calloway with illustrations by guillem march, freddie e. Azrael is an ongoing series featuring the character michael lane as azrael of the order of purity. Michael lane is a man in search of redemption, but does serving the order of purity as gods angel of justice bring him closer to achieving his goal or simply send him further down a road paved with good intentions. People generally like michael lane, not jean paul valley, because lane is less goofy 90s radical trash and more a vengeful hardass with a well done story. First line of dialogue or text last month we announced the return of the letters columns to our books indexer notes. Azrael s sword of justice turned against the woman he loves. Eventually, he encountered and was stopped by batman. There have been many over the years going all the way back to the crusades, and not all of them wore the armor of sorrows or wielded the twin swords of sin and salvation. Signed original comic book art page azrael agent of the bat.

This follows the introduction of michael lane as azrael in niciezas deaths dark knight miniseries and his twopart crossover the eighth deadly sin. Lane broke, and was dismissed from the gcpd with a full pension. Pledged to the order of purity, lane dons the suit of sorrows and wields twin alchemical swards of ice and fire, to administer. The michael lane version of azrael appears as a playable character in scribblenauts unmasked. An autobiography, and 10 feet tall and bulletproof, and more on. After a brief encounter with the joker and deadshot, maxwell travels to metropolis where he is introduced to new challenges and faces lex luthor and metallo. The final years of michael jackson, which was a number one best seller on the new york times list on july 24, 2009. Michael samuel lane is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by dc comics. John stanisci the mantle of azrael has been passed to a new champion. Azrael lane commissioned by roy westerman roysovitch conceptdesign also by roy westerman character owned by dc comics fol. He then joined a military unit and served for two tours in iraq.

In islamic traditions, archangel azrael, or izrail, is described physically. Azrael was an american comic book ongoing series, published by dc comics based on the character azrael. The new azrael, gods avenger or something or other, is michael lane. Michael samuel lane is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by dc. Sep 22, 2009 archangel azrael is an archangel known in both hebrew and muslim circles. Azrael online your source for everything on dcs avenging. Written by fabian nicieza and later david hine, drawn by frazier irving. Azrael comic book project gutenberg selfpublishing. Azrael is a member of a group of assassins who were created by the sacred order of saint dumas. Michael lane, expolice officer, drafted by the order of purity to take on the mantle of azrael, gods sword of justice.

Michael is approached by the order of purity to take up the mantle of azrael. May 28, 2017 horrible things that cps workers had to deal with raskreddit reddit scary stories duration. Azrael is the alias of multiple fictional characters appearing in comic books published by in the dc comics. Lane begins reading the book of purity to learn more about his. The order devoted itself to the teaching of dumas, training an asian man named stephen forrest lee to be their champion under the name dumas, who fought manhunter under the name dumas. His sanity starting to crack, azrael tracks down hide n seek, a pair of kidnappers whose actions bring back some very painful, fractured memories for michael lane. The name, inspired by the judaic angel of death, is primarily associated with two characters. He tries hard to make you like him but screws most everything up and isnt closely related enough to you or in this case batmanto make up for it. The most recent was a man named jean paul valley who had neither, but hes a different man with a different story. This is michael lane, probably the most formidable of the azrael s. This was followed by lane s azrael appearing in a sort of minibat family crossover called judgement on gotham, which involved even more hamfisted artistic license religion. Can a psychiatrist assigned by the gcpd help lane keep it together before azrael goes berserk.

He even was the altar boy of the roman catholic church azrael v2. Maxwell and lily find themselves in gotham city, in an alternate universe. Michael lane has 44 books on goodreads with 400 ratings. Created by writer denny oneil and artist joe quesada. Michael lane s series mostly consisted of artistic license religion, darker and edgier, and bloodier and gorier. Its published in four parts through the volumes batman, judgment on gotham is a batman crossover event written by david hine, fabian nicieza and peter calloway with illustrations by guillem march, freddie e.

As the killer creates his greatest martyr, azrael learns the final secret, and it just may tip him over the edge into madness. It has not been revealed yet if it will in fact be jpv or the terrible michael lane version. Azrael appears as a playable character in lego batman 3. If the truth is a lie, what do batman and azrael do when justice demands a killer go unpunished. Writer fabian nicieza, no stranger to gotham city, brings azrael back on a fulltime basis with a new ongoing series starting in october.

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