Extension tubes vs reverse ring for macro

Sep 10, 2019 there are several new macro extension tubes and bellows for nikon zmount mirrorless cameras. While extension tubes and closeup lenses are the two most common ways to increase magnification, other options exist. In 2012, i spent a lot of money and purchased the canon ef. Set the aperture same as said in first step in reverse ring method. What are the biggest differences between reversal rings. Many of you may know that a macro lens dof is very small anyway maybe 3mm on a 105mm at f2.

You can use extension tubes with any type of lenses. But, if you are stacking all the three tubes together, you have to close down to f16 to get better focal plane. Macro photograpy calculators, including extension tube. Extension tubes can be used with any of your lenses. Or the adorama brand 49mm pentax k mount ring at adorama.

There are many options available to convert your regular lens for macro photography. I would suggest trying macro photography with a reverse ring or extensions tubes and see if its your thing. There are several new macro extension tubes and bellows for nikon zmount mirrorless cameras. Jul 07, 2014 the macro tube that i will be testing is the shoplink 27494 ebaymeike automatic focus extension tubeshoplink, which i found to be surprisingly cheap, at only 29 dollars from a seller on amazon, with free shipping albeit from china, so dont wait on the edge of your seat for it it contains two extension tubes, with focal lengths of 10mm. An extension tube is a spacer that sits between your lens and the camera body to alter the mfd minimum focus distance. After playing around with macro photography onthecheap read. Macro lens vs extension tube vs reverse adapter rings for macro photography. Most reverse rings also move the lens farther from the sensor providing the option to focus closer. Scroll down for example pictures of a macro lens vs a zoom with extension tubes also in the carousel above. The down side of extension tubes is that there may be a gap between the longes. The problems with the techniques i used is that focus is manual and aperture control is problematic at best. As with most things photographic, there are many different ways to accomplish a single task, and macro photography is no different.

Just buy a super cheap set of tubes in the mount of your camera, and make sure that you have the necessary adapters to reverse mount a super cheap old 28 or 35mm lens in reverse on. For an detailed look at how these extension tubes impact maximum magnification and working distance, check out my mcex11 vs. Inserting extension tubes, bellows, or teleconverters between the camera body and reversed lens gives you even more magnification should you need or want it. Macro filter vs extension tubes content the sitepoint. In this lesson im going to take a look at a technique you can use to get even closer reverse lens macro. I brought a ring light to use for macro but found that the. To get started on your backwards adventures, you will need a reverse mounting ring for your cameras mounting system. Macro lens vs extension tube vs reverse adapter ring macro. If this setup works, you and my buddy would be looking at a third of the price of the macro lens. Macro with extension tube crop sensor camera and 1855mm kit lens. This adapter ring has a male lens mount on one side and a male filter thread on the other.

Extension tubes are most commonly used on short to mid ranges lenses to create a macro perspective. This is a basic reverse macro lens guide for macro filmmaking by using a reverse mount adapter. Oct 04, 2008 would it be bettereasier to use a reverse ring or an extension tube on my m50mm f2 for macro use. Dont try getting one off ebay, youll wind up paying more than new price and shipping for it. As mike says, reverse mounting of a lens will not produce sharper macro photos until you are significantly greater than 1. How to use extension tubes for close up photography macro. Extension tubes for macro photography allow you to shift the focus zone of the lens youre using so that the smallest of items are crystal clear and tack sharp.

As you can see, the reproduction ratio depends on the ratio of the focal lengths a longer rear lens or shorter front lens increases magnification. You will lose 12 stops of light using extension tubes. The reverse mount adapter is mounted on the tube, teleconverter, or bellows unit, rather than the camera body. Aug 08, 2016 extension tubes can be used with any of your lenses.

If you fond of macro photography you will need special accessories for your dslr camera. Extension tubes are generally sold as a set with varying tube sizes. There is a reason why reversing rings, extension tubes, and bellows extenders are all sold today. I personally use manual extension tubes with manual lenses. Jan 07, 2020 one limitation of macro photography when using a conventional lens is that there is a limit to how close you can focus due to the lenss minimum focusing distance. Now, mount the tube on the body and the lens on the tube. The reverse ring is a simple 58mm filter thread allowing me to reverse mount the stock 1855mm canon lens. You can even get extension tubes and bellows if you want. Extension tube provides great magnifications when used with medium to short focal lengths while using closeup lens is more superior with telephoto lenses. Apr 10, 2020 an extension tube is a spacer that sits between your lens and the camera body to alter the mfd minimum focus distance. Extension tubes are a simple way to start out in extreme macro without breaking the bank, if youre prepared to put up with the lack of certain electronic functions. Im new to macro photography and recently purchased a set of extensions tubes and a reverse ring to get started.

Now, if we were to add those same extension tubes onto a 180mm macro lens 1. How does it work and more important, how is the quality. Extension tubes are not too bad but compromise optical speed, and sometimes create. Extension tube sets are a lot pricier than reverse rings but still plenty cheaper than a nice macro lens. I am such a beginner, but your website has been such a help. Teleconverter will increase the working distance at all magnification levels. The mfd of a lens is a measurement of the closest point a subject can be from the cameras sensor, whilst still being able to focus. A reversing ring attaches to the front of your lens and allows you to mount it backwards to your camera, in essence turning your lens into a magnifying glass, rather. How to use macro extension tubes digital photo mentor. This is only because i cannot afford a true macro lens. Often more expensive than extension tubes but less than a dedicated macro lens. In this video i compare using extension tubes to using a diopter for macro shots. The extension tubes came as a kit of three which can be screwed together.

A few days ago, i shared a video which detailed probably the cheapest way to get some amazing macro images by reversing your lens. Aye, if you have a nice 50mm or similar extension tubes can work well and give high quality results. The ultimate guide to extension tubes shutter muse. Extension tube vs closeup lens the table below shows the magnification of both the extension tube and closeup lens. May prevent your lens from being able to use other filters. They are sold in different types of proprietary mounts to match your lenscamera manufacturer. The effect is similar to the reversing ring, except that you do not need to mount the lens backwards and in my case, i was able to get a higher magnification if i were using a wider lens than the 50mm, then this would not be the case using the extension tubes over. It is not as easy to set a focus as with macro lenses. Canon eos, canon eosr, fujifilm x, lmount, microfourthirds, nikon z and sony emount. How to use reverse ring and extension tube for macro. Multiple extension tubes can be joined together to achieve more magnification. Here we will discuss macro lenses, extension tubes, and closeup filters.

An extension tube can offer additional separation between the lens and the sensor providing for closer focusing than most revers rings. And usually, it makes no sense to buy a lens in order to make just a few photos with it. Here i would like to give you an small introduction and tutorial on how to take beautiful macro photographs with the best alternative to macro. Macro lens vs extension tubes travel through pictures. Apr 27, 2011 i usually do my wedding ring macro shots with a canon 50mm 1. The best way to use extension tubes is to set the lens to manual focus.

Discussing extension tube vs reverse ring vs raynox 250 in. With the latter you are stuck with one large magnification and only one focus point, which is usually pretty close to the lens tip. I researched about macro photos and found out that a reverse ring or a extension tube would let me accomplish this with out a costly lens. Mcex16 page where size is are concerned, the mcex16 is of course larger than the mcex11 by virtue of it extending the distance of the lens from the sensor by 5 extra millimetres. Kenko extension tubes for macro photography nikon af. They are sold in different types of proprietary mounts to. Macro lenses are also a lot more convenient than extension tubes. Shooting insect macros on the cheap with a reversed lens. Get the kenkos, they have no optical element so theres no sense in shelling out for the canons. Reverse macro lens guide macro filmmaking with a reverse. New macro extension tubes and bellows for nikon z nikon. Some people reverse lenses screw the lens to the camera via the filter ring and adaptor. Yes, you can use an extension tube or teleconverter with a macro lens to increase magnification, or to give you more working distance for the same magnification. The reverse lens calculator calculates new magnification, new closest focusing distance and effective fstop with reverse lens setup on extension.

Macro lens vs extension tube vs reverse adapter ring. In my experience the images taken with extension tubes and good, expensive prime lenses are not as sharp as ones, taken with cheap macro lens in my case it is 100mm f3. In reply to petsch may 19, 20 another thing to remember keep in mind is that you loose a stop for about each 12 mm of tube. You can use the manual focusing ring on your lens to focus on the subject. With more working distance and the same magnification, because you are focusing at a greater distance, you should end up with more dof as well. All control features between camera and lens are automatically transferred. Mar 30, 2015 extension tubes vs macro filter vs reverse ring the fact is that the special macro lenses are very expensive. From memory extension tubes have less dof than a macro lens, but i am not certain of that. Canon 100mm l vs tamron 90mm vs extension tubes vs filters. How will extension tubes compare against a dedicated macro lens. Macro photography extension tubes vs closeup filters vs macro lens. Macro photography extension tubes vs closeup filters vs. One limitation of macro photography when using a conventional lens is that there is a limit to how close you can focus due to the lenss minimum focusing distance. This is the tube matched with the sensatinal original 55mm micronikkor f3.

Jul 27, 2011 kenko automatic extension tube set dg verdict. Reverse lens macro photography has allowed me to achieve the magnification i couldnt come close to with my more expensive equipment. The longer the extension tube is, the closer the lens will be able to focus. Using of extension tubes in macro photography ehab. In part 2 of this series, we look at bellows, reversal rings, macro couplers, and focusing. Macro lenses have a flatfield design at close range, but thats not so important in nature. Which one is better, a reverse ring macro or an extension. Most of all, it doesnt add weight and length to your lens. An extension tube is a hollow tube that you can mount between the camera and the lens. Using macro extension tubes, aperture rings, etc pentax. Teleconverters will tend to slightly underperform extension tubes bellows for resolution and sharpness at the same magnification with the same lens. Which one is better, a reverse ring macro or an extension tube.

They are also used in situations where the minimum focusing distance needs to be reduced. In reply to gkreth aug 16, 2010 at macro distances you are going to need apertures like f1622, and without aperture control, you are going to have to do the focusing and composing at that aperture as well. The other cheap piece of macro gear that i picked up was the fotodiox canon eos macro extension tube set for extreme closeups. But as far as usability, the reversing ring is still king. How to use reverse ring and extension tube for macro photography. One way to enter the macro photography world without buying a macro lens is to use extension tubes. Dont use macro filters, they degrade the image quality. From the above table, you can easily conclude that. Shooting with extension tubes is more difficult then with macro lens. Those options are so cheap anyway, it wont matter if you decide you dislike it. A typical set might contain a 12 mm, 20 mm, and 36 mm tube. A 10 reverse lens mount is definitely on a budget, but how good are they for macro.

In our video we demonstrate and compare cheap macro filter, macro extension tubes and reverse mount ring. In part 1 of this series, we looked at three easy ways to get into macro photography. How to use lens reversing rings for macro photography. If a subject is closer to the sensor than a lens mfd, you cannot focus on that subject. Our canon 100mm macro lens with 25mm and 12mm extension tubes.

I use extension tubes with an hasselblad system, but macro lenses with a nikon dslr. My first attempts with reverse ring and extension tube set have been. Since the reverse ring is cheaper, is there anything better about the extension tubes. If you already own a 50mm prime or standard kit lens around 1855mm focal length range then reverse lens macro is also the least expensive way there is to get up close. If you are new to dslr photography, have a kit lens 1855mm or 50mm prime lens and want an affordable extension tube you may purchase a nonbrand af extension tube. Extension tube sets are a lot pricier than reverse rings but still plenty cheaper than a nice macro. If you are an advance ameture and want an affordable af extension tube go for brands like vello. Dont be afraid to raise your iso in order to get a small enough aperture to give you adequate depthoffield.

What are the pros and cons of extension tubes for macro. Extension tubes are an inexpensive way to get the kind of short focusing distances that you get from a dedicated and much more expensive macro lens. Extension tubes vs macro filter vs reverse ring the fact is that the special macro lenses are very expensive. Novoflex balnikz automatic bellows for nikon z novoflex balnikz automatic bellows for nikon z source. I have used both revese lens and extension tubes for macros and i have been using them since 1 year now on my kit lens nikon 1855mm on a nikon d3200 body. So pls let me know if there is a measure of magnification for macro.

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