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Cheap, tacky, amateurish and dull, the film lacks much merit. With william kerwin, connie mason, jeffrey allen, ben. The fetching betsy linda cochran lures yankee david michael korb to a southern barrel roll overseen by mayor buckman jeffrey allen and cohorts in herschell gordon lewis two thousand maniacs, 1964. Now, once every hundred years the ghosts of the dead return and wreak havoc. Still, 2000 maniacs is a herschel gordon lewis production, which should be warning enough. Waters has said he was influenced by herschell gordon lewiss two thousand maniacs. Rent two thousand maniacs 1964 on dvd and bluray dvd netflix. Two thousand maniacs 1964 bizarre horror movie gems you. The two thousand maniacs of a small town celebrate the 100th anniversary of the civil war by forcing a handful of northerners to serve as guests for a variety of macabre, bloodcrazed fun and games.

Rent two thousand maniacs 1964 starring thomas wood and connie mason on dvd and bluray. Herschell gordon lewis june 15, 1926 september 26, 2016 was an american filmmaker, best known for creating the splatter subgenre of horror films. The bluray provides problematic picture and audio but it packs a strong roster of supplements. Jun 22, 2018 post navigation horror movie podcast ep. Regional othering in hershell lewis two thousand maniacs. One of his earlier gore films and the one that put him on the map, maniacs is a weird and fun film that cemented lewiss. A film that posits that the south is still so angry, 100 years after the civil war excuse mewar between the states that its citizens desire nothing more than to exact painful and humiliating revenge on any and all yankees who happen to wander their way, maniacs is a gleefully absurd and vicious social satire as well as something of a. Drive in movie king, hershell gordon lewis, known by b movie enthusiasts as the. With connie mason, william kerwin, jeffrey allen, shelby livingston. Moonshine mountain disc four dvd two thousand maniacs moonshine mountain audio commentary on two thousand maniacs. Play in new window download way back in episode 109 of horror movie podcast, jay of the dead and dr. Moonshine mountain audio commentary on two thousand maniacs. The singledisc release is buttressed by a handful of short documentaries on the filmmakers and the cultural effects the film has had through the subsequent decades. The image measures 2331 2981 pixels and is 1519 kilobytes large.

A poster for herschell gordon lewis 1964 horror film two thousand maniacs. I promptly rented the second installment, two thousand maniacs, and was double smitten. The godfather of gore exposes racial tensions in this unnerving film. It is known for its scenes of fullcolor gore and torture, which together with its b movie quality direction and acting earned the film a cult following. It is the second part of what the directors fans have dubbed the blood trilogy, a trio of films starting with 1963s blood feast and ending with 1965s color me blood red. Rent two thousand maniacs 1964 on dvd and bluray dvd. The original trailer in high definition of two thousand maniacs. Home explore movies explore composers resource directory forums contact us about us. Natalie merchant con i 10,000 maniacs allharvest moon saloon nel 1984. Get premium, high resolution news photos at getty images.

Aug 22, 2018 there are some awesome movies on that list blood feast and two thousand maniacs. Indeed, just below the frame is a cropped image for the southern flag for the confederacy of dunces, and this. Two thousand maniacs 1964 this lost gem plays on tensions between the north and south when some unwitting yankee tourists find themselves at a small southern towns 100th anniversary celebration. Cloud, fl over 15 days in 1964, splatter film two thousand maniacs. Friedman and pioneering goremeister herschell gordon lewis followed up a year later with two thousand maniacs the drivein movie would never be the same. An absolutely incredible film from hong kongs library of category three movie. Two thousand maniacs 1964 bizarre horror movie gems. Jeffrey allen and ben moore in two thousand maniacs. Two to tango 1989 guardami 1999 the private affairs of bel ami 1947. A poster for herschell gordon lewis 1964 horror film two.

The night of a thousand cats 1972 paranormal activity 2007 frankenstein created woman 1967 the hills have eyes 2006 rings 2017 the ring two. It might be a good thing that herschell gordon lewiss 1964 two thousand maniacs. Even an appearance by cameron mitchell couldnt save this from being a complete dumpster fire. Genres horror subgenres slasher film run time 87 min. Six people are lured into a small deep south town for a centennial celebration where the residents proceed to kill them one by one as revenge for the towns destruction during the civil war. Two thousand maniacs is an amazingly crazy film that stars one of my favorite bmovie actors, bill kerwin who i was introduced to in blood feast and its awesomely weird how to carve meat special feature. It didnt take much to thrill early splatter fans, and two thousand maniacs.

High resolution british movie poster image for two thousand maniacs. Now, i know why hes known as the godfather of gore. According to a contemporary report, the entire town participated in the film. A group of southern folk invite people who are passing through town to their. Of course, by no means was 2000 maniacs a technical triumph. Dec 02, 2017 the original trailer in high definition of two thousand maniacs directed by herschell gordon lewis and starring connie mason, william kerwin, jeffrey allen. Two thousand maniacs is not a film that is on every horror fans list of best films but it should be, as when it comes to ingenuity and influence, this film certainly isnt lacking.

The citizens of the southern town pleasant valley lure six yankee tourists into town where they are to be the reluctant guests for the centennial celebration of the day a band of renegade union troops. The actors are as amateurish as any of lewis films and the direction is still fairly slapdash. If u find any movie with download link unavailable leave a comment under that movie i will reupload quick. Two thousand maniacs is another schlock classic, a timeless, joyfully bad film that is the essence of what shlockmeisters love.

Gordon lewis has often cited this movie as his personal favorite of his films. Six people are lured into a small deep south town for a centennial celebration where the residents. Friedmans fabled gore trilogy which began with blood feast and concluded with color me blood red. As it turns out, these confederates are out for revenge, and theirs is blood sport. Two thousand maniacs is my first taste of the godfather of gore, herschell gordon lewis, and i already want to see more. It follows a group of northern tourists who are savagely tortured and murdered during a confederate celebration of a small southern communitys centennial. Two thousand maniacs 1964 look at these riotous, ribald redneck rubes. Hercules against the moonmen 1964 sergio ciani, jany clair and anna maria polani feature action, drama. As a fan of 2001 maniacs, i was surprised to discover its a remake of this. The 2000 maniacs of a small southern town celebrate the 100th anniversary of the.

Many horror movies from decades past hold up well, but 1965s two thousand maniacs. He is often called the godfather of gore a title also given to lucio fulci, though his film career included works in a range of exploitation film genres including juvenile delinquent films, nudiecuties, two childrens films and at least. With that said and having already seen a few of his other dodgyyetcelebrated productions like blood feast and wizard of gore what lewis managed to accomplish with two thousand maniacs. Lewis spent the 60s trying to outshock hitchcock with fakey gore grinders like two thousand maniacs. When a group of yankee tourists take a detour and wind up in the. Staring shelby livingston, thomas wood, ben moore and jeffrey allen.

It is the second part of the informal blood trilogy, following blood feast and followed by color me blood red. If you dont like ads you can go and subscribe at usd 5,00month by clicking here. I finally had the pleasure of experiencing a splatter film directed by herschell gordon lewis. The best of herschell gordon lewis early 1960s gore epics, with real production value and gore scenes that mostly still startle. Friedman, film rights owner jimmy maslon, and something weirds mike vraney introduction to two thousand maniacs. Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing two thousand maniacs near you. This film is not currently playing on mubi but 30 other great films are. Flush from the breakthrough success of blood feast in 1963, producer david f. One of his earlier gore films and the one that put him on the map, maniacs is a weird and fun film that cemented lewiss place as a grindhouse legend. Charles glore, william kerwin, stanley dyrector, connie mason, jerome eden, ben moore, jeffrey allen, shelby livingston, gary bakeman, linda cochran, yvonne gilbert, michael korb, vincent santo, andy wilson, candi conder, the pleasant valley boys, paul champion genres. Lewis, a former english professor who is called the godfather of gore, became famous in the 1960s and 1970s for making bloody, disturbing horror movies. Valley boys, a bluegrass trio complete with a banjo player, sing rollin in my. He was a businessman first and foremost, and his primary concern was just doing what it took to get paying people in the theater seats, and any concerns about quality or taste came waaay down on the list. Waters stated in a 2015 interview with the british film institute that the giant lobster rape was played by vince peranio and his brother in a paper mache costume.

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