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A minor in film and visual culture requires completion of 18 credits from six courses. Spanish major minor we study and teach about the languages, texts and cultures of the spanish and portuguesespeaking worlds, including spain, latin america, and the us. These courses anchor the major through exposure to film language, genre. Cute, super funny, and very cleverly writtengreat fun. The film major consists of a broad range of courses related to the history, theory, social impact, and the production of cinema and digital media arts. The global media studies minor exists for students interested in the study of film and electronically based visual media as national, regional, and global phenomena. Film major and minor pepperdine university seaver college. The minor in film studies consists of 6 courses, at least 2 of which must be at the 300 level or above.

Serious film production majors often spend so much time nights and weekends on fellow students film sets that it is difficult to keep up with your regular classes. The minor is a planned, interdisciplinary sequence of six courses 18 credits that provides the student with a broad introduction to the field of film studies. Stony brook university, new york majors, minors and programs. A grade of c or better must be achieved in any course taken to satisfy the requirements for the department of film, television, and media major. Film and television production minor university of. Filmp 160 is a prerequisite for all film production courses. John michalczyk assistant chairperson for film studies devlin hall 420. They will combine the existing film studies and media studies majors and minors into one major and one minor, called film and media. Application for entry to the film and digital media major must be made to the department after a student has completed, with grades of b or better, fdm 4 and fdm 2360. Learn to read, analyze and interpret film as a distinct art form. Film studies minor major and the minor is a 1942 american comedy film starring ginger rogers and ray milland.

The film minor will also choose 15 hours in any of the film studies or film production courses listed below. A double major may not be realistic if it requires a heavy class load. It is recommended that students considering a major in film and media studies take filmstud 4 introduction to film study, and are encouraged to take either arthist 1a or arthist 1b during their freshman or sophomore year. The program aims to present the world of cinema in all its diverse formsfrom the classical period to the contemporary moment, from hollywood cinema to international traditions, and from. Each link brings brings audiences each individual major and minor page. Again, this joke is something every movie viewer then would have known as an allusion to swedish film star greta garbo. In meeting the requirements of this interdisciplinary minor, a student must use at least nine 9 credits not also used to meet the requirements of any other majors or minor.

You must complete a minimum of 16 units for the minor. Changes to this minor took place this fall and are in effect for students who declared between fall 2018 and the present semester. Film studies minor minor offers courses in the history, criticism, and theory of film and media, and provides opportunities to pursue analyses of the aesthetic, cultural, economic, technological, and international dimensions of film. We also offer minors in general film, film studies and screenwriting. The film studies minor is a scholarly enterprise rather than a handson, artmaking endeavor. In the american and international markets, the major film studios, often simply known as the majors, are commonly regarded as the five diversified media conglomerates whose various. Engage in a small classroom experience that fosters communication and active involvement in every class. Cims 252, film aesthetics and analysis, will also provide a wide range of critical skills, and will touch on film theory as well. Film students gain skills in critical analysis and writing that can be useful for a broad range of career paths in the arts industry and beyond. New film and media majorminor in atlanta, georgia at. Over 200 majors, minors and combineddegree programs. Our 81credit major provides intensive experience in production and screenwriting as well as film history, theory and criticism.

Global media studies minor um lsa department of film. The major requires nine 9 courses in film, which complement the other graduation requirements defined by the university, to fully engage students in the liberal arts model. Honors to qualify for departmental honors in film or media studies, a student must have a 3. Ginger rogers is my favorite actress and this is one of her best. A maximumof 6 credits in media courses media, medp or medpl at the 200 or 300 level may be applied toward the.

As a part of the film studies program, a student can pursue any of the electives dealing with the above aspects of communications. English majors can add audio and visual components to their textual analysis. Even better, have you interviewed and received a nod from the adcom for your diverse. No matter which degree option you choose, youll get handson learning and a creative experience. At the university of pittsburgh, the film and media. The film studies program in the department of english at unl spans multiple disciplines and offers an undergraduate major and minor as well as graduate work.

The major believes susan is a child and takes her under his wing, but when they arrive at the military academy where kirby teaches, his fiancee rita johnson. The major and the minor 1942 passed 1h 40min comedy, romance 24 december 1942 mexico a woman disguises herself as a child to save on a train fare and is taken in charge by an army man who doesnt notice the truth. Students may major in media studies and minor in film, and vice versa. Film studies offers students the best of both worlds.

Major in film 36 cr major in filmpdf students must take film 101. Requirements for the majorminor muhlenberg college. Please go to the apply tab for information on spring 2020 minor online submission process and extended deadline. Students who declared the minor prior to fall 2018 are subject to the original requirements for the minor per their albert degree audit.

The foundational courses, film 251engl 251 and film 299, set the stage for advanced courses in film. Its cute more than funny, but an honest cute, and for that enjoyable. A minor in film studies requires four core courses and three elective courses for a total of seven courses. The minor in global media studies is not open to students with a major in the department of film, television, and media special department policies. Anyone out there who has formally studied a unique mix of major and minor or double major. Many students double major in film and media studies and another area, while a minor allows the student to major in another area, but still take an organized and officially recognized sequence of film classes. To apply to the minor in comedy, a student must be in good academic standing, have a declared major, and be currently enrolled in or have completed with a passing grade ctwr 404 foundations of comedy. Because film is multidimensional and interdisciplinary, the film minor invites students from all and any majors to join in the studyand productionof film in the english department. The film, television, and digital media minor is designed for students who wish to augment their major program of study with a series of courses that promote the study of film, television, and digital media as art forms with social, political, cultural, and economic. It was good, but not half as good as this film the major and the minor a young diana lynn who was a favorite of mine has a small role but a very important. It was the first american film directed by billy wilder. It does not offer classes in filmmaking, video production, or working with film equipment. Major and minors film and digital media baylor university. Consent of instructor film 3355 visual effects compositing.

Majorminor in film studies in atlanta, georgia at the. The screenplay by wilder and charles brackett is based on the play connie goes home by edward childs carpenter. In meeting the requirements of this interdisciplinary minor, a student must use at least nine 9 credits not also used to meet the requirements of any other major s or minor. Discover a new side to the movies you know and love.

Other articles where the major and the minor is discussed. A woman disguises herself as a child to save on a train fare and is taken in charge by an army man who doesnt notice the truth. This is the page that lists and describes the major and minors found at st. New film and media majorminor in atlanta, georgia at the. I was bioclassics, and was wondering who else has done subject material on unrelated ends of the academic spectrum. The major and the minor 1942 movies, tv, celebs, and more.

Courses must focus on film and use the method of film study towards completion of the minor. Film majorminor media majorminor graduating with honors course catalog. The major and the minor is a 1942 american comedy film starring ginger rogers and ray milland. Advisors provide students with individualized advising to assist them in areas such as. The department of film and media studies is pleased to announce our new major and minor, which will be implemented in the fall of 2020. Film studies news an interview with professor paul pickowicz. The major and the minor film by wilder 1942 britannica. In the american and international markets, the major film studios, often simply known as the majors, are commonly regarded as the five. The program allows students to experience different approaches to film study, including film theory, film history, film aesthetics, national cinemas, and cultural differences. In addition,no more than 2 courses from any single department or major other than flm can count toward the film minor. The educational policy committee of boston college approved a new major in film studies in 1999. The minor in comedy is designed to train students in the creation of comedic entertainment in film, television and new media. The minor in film and media studies is designed for the student who is majoring in another field, but wishes to do some concentrated work in film and media. The major in film and media studies prepares students for graduate training in cinema or for such film related careers as television and.

Add a minor in film studies to any academic major with 18 credit hours. We aim to engage students, other scholars and members of local and other communities in the study of these worlds across disciplines. The film studies minor offers students the opportunity to select an interdisciplinary program of study that examines the many facets of american and international film. A major film studio is a production and distribution company that releases a substantial number of films annually and consistently commands a significant share of box office revenue in a given market. This course of study is intended to aid students in obtaining culturally specific as well as crosscultural understanding of the global impact of moving image media.

It was the first american film directed by billy wilder, and launched his lengthy directing career. This minor gives students a handson experience in both production and postproduction, providing a foundation of basic skills and procedures in the film and television industry. Anth 215, as 220, eng 303 or 4, fren 332, 333, ids 217, phil 335, soc 204, span 353, wgs 220, one fys film course, one individualized study or internship. Film, video, animation and new genres, minor film, music, and theatre.

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